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    Companies can turn to us when they want to digitally provide documents like salary statements to their employees, for example. We make sure that those are digitally transmitted from the software of origin to yomabo via an interface, and made available to the respective employee in the app, along with other important documents. An added value that strengthens staff retention and complies with the legal requirements regarding transmission of payroll accounting!

    As well as that, you can send documents like business communications and advertising mail digitally to customers and interested parties using yomabo. Because the recipients express agreement previously, you are not sending Spam, but relevant notifications that are going to be read – without the costs of printing, paper and postage.

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    Insurance Companies and Banks

    We develop a white label solution for banks and insurance providers that are exactly customized to their specific requirements, and which you as an insurance provider or a bank of tomorrow can place among your target groups. Hand your clients a solution that offers them a real value addition, for example when organizing important documents!

    Using yomabo Spaces, users can share documents easily – even with you. That means that you receive important documents, like salary statements for a loan application, without your client having to search, copy, scan and post those. Securely and quickly you will have the insights you need.

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