Our Mission

Our mission is simple as Your Mailbox , we want to digitalize correspondence and manage all documents centrally in one location.

This has two reasons:

  • We are fed up with searching for invoices, contracts etc, and with piling up folders on folders in shelves.
  • In Germany alone, more than 18 billion letters were sent in 2018. That is equivalent to quite a lot of trees.
yomabo solves the first problem even today

Our Vision

  • Making document dispatch sustainable and digital together with you.
  • Create sufficient coverage with yomabo to incentivize businesses deliver documents directly and digitally.

Let’s shake things up together!



We knew from the outset that we wouldn’t be able to convince all businesses straight away to dispense with unnecessary paper correspondence. To make sure that our users would find all their documents in a central location from Day 1, we linked various interim channels with yomabo – so that all documents automatically end up in your yomabo app from the start.


Online Sources

You link any online portals containing your documents just once; from then on, yomabo automatically retrieves your invoices, account statements, contracts and more.



Every user receives their own yomabo email address. Simply forward your mail to yomabo, and documents will be filed in self-operation.



You didn’t shop online, but bought the new pair of shoes in a shop? No worries, just take a picture of the receipt with the yomabo app to file it in your invoice folder.



Unfortunately not yet a thing of the past: unnecessary paper correspondence. To make sure that it ends up digitally at your disposal in yomabo, we can digitalize your letters with a redirection order and supply them to you in that form.

As you can see, we’ve thought of everything when it comes to the transition period. Start yomabo, link your document sources and stop worrying about where your documents could be! yomabo takes care.

Just as described, these solutions are, in our view, only intermediate stages towards fulfilling our grand mission! The future of document traffic is digital and sustainable. For that, we are developing yomabo!

Whats Next

What else are we looking for in yomabo? The following features await you in one of the upcoming releases;

yomabo Spaces

What to do with documents that don’t only concern you.

With yomabo Spaces, documents can be easily shared with the people they concern.

Sign Documents

What happens when my contract renewal is delivered straight into yomabo?

I can sign it directly and digitally in yomabo. No paper, no ink, no forgetting!

Pay Invoices

Settling invoices straight from yomabo?

Not a problem, yomabo recognizes invoice amounts, purpose and recipient. All you have to do is release the payment.